First Prize in Cardiology BMA Medical Book Awards 2019

“The ESC Textbook of Cardiovascular Medicine, 3rd Edition and ESC CardioMed”

(Associate Professor Ljuba Bacharova)

European Society of Cardiology OXFORD UNIVERSITY PRESS November, 2019 Logo
Best Scientific Poster Award, First Prize

“Advanced glycation end-products as a predictor of long-term outcome after catheter ablation of atrial fibrillation.”

Cardio Update Europe Budapest, 1-2 June 2016 Logo
AWARD in recognition of outstanding scientific work

“Thrombus wedged in patent foramen ovale.“

European Society of Cardiology Working group on Thrombosis Como, 3 October 2015 Logo
First prize in Young Investigator Competition

“The relation between oxidative stress biomarkers and atrial fibrillation before and after pulmonary veins isolation.”

International Society of Electrocardiology Comandatuba Island- Bahia- Brazil, 24-27 June 2015 Logo