The effect of International Scientific Summer School research training on scientific productivity of trainees

Ljuba Bacharova, Gulmira Kudaiberdieva, Aleksandra Misak, Nina Hakacova, Bilgin Timuralp, Galen S.Wagner


Scientific publications are the standard way for communicating research results and ideas to the scientific community, and thus contribute to the progress in knowledge. They are also one of the principle measures of research outcomes that are used as a criterion to evaluate the quality of research organizations, universities, post-graduate programs, and performance of faculty members and residents.

Universities not included in the list of top 500 institutions are dominantly“discipline” oriented, and the need of skills like research project designing, critical appraisal skills and academic writing skills are not sufficiently recognized or they are even ignored in their curricula.

As a result, manuscripts submitted to international scientific journals are rejected since they do not reach the required quality. Consequently, the results of research are not recognized and the researchers/authors become frustrated and demotivated.