WORKING WITH SCIENTIFIC AND PROFESIONAL INFORMATION ASvA NECESSARY PART OF HIGHER EDUCATION. International science schools – complementary activity of education of medical students and young scientists (2019)

Bacharova L, Mladosievicova B, Bernadicova H, Bernadic M.

The profession of medical and healthcare workers requires lifelong learning, which is also regulated by law. Lifelong learning is often seen as a one-way process, a constant need for education, keeping pace with the latest scientific knoweledge.

However, this process also has a second dimension, which is the transfer of experience and knowledge, the systematic search for answers to a number of open questions in patients care, in other words, participation in research. Presenting and publishing clinical experience is an essential source of medical knowledge and a specialized database of medicine as a scientific discipline. We consider it necessary to add these capabilities to the curriculum of medical faculties.