IRIS – Summer School

IRIS – Summer School

The IRIS Summer School is a successful project based on the research practicum from the Duke University, Durham, NC, USA, modified into an intensive summer week of pure science. The summer school is held annually around the world and in Slovakia with international participants and faculty. Since 2006, a total of 400 participants from 33 countries have participated in summer schools. Courses were held in 12 countries.

IRIS 2024
Bratislava, Jun22 - Jun25
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Liptovsky Jan, Slovakia


Silivri, Turkey


Ohrid, Macedonia Pezinok, Slovakia


Szczepanow, Poland Trilj, Croatia


Bratislava, Slovakia Gebze, Turkey


Timisoara, Romania


Makov, Slovakia


Timisoara, Romania Wolka Smolana, Poland


Enez, Turkey


Ribeirao Preto, Brazil Kirchschlag, Austria Cholpon-Ata, Kyrgyzstan


Merke, Kazakhstan Chernaya Rechka, Russia Vic, Catalonia, Spain Velky Saris, Slovakia


Semey, Kazakhstan Astana, Kazakhstan Zhovkva, Ukraine


Issik-Kul, Kyrgyzstan


Senec, Slovakia Orjavchik, Ukraine


Mojmirovce, Slovakia Kyrgyzstan


Slovakia, online


Slovakia, online


Slovakia, online


Bratislava, Slovakia

Ljuba Bacharova MD, DSc, MBA

Ljuba Bacharova MD, DSc, MBA

The guarantor of the programme

She is internationally recognized scientific professional, the executive editor of the Journal of Electrocardiology and an editorial board member of several international scientific journals. She was the president of the International Society for Electrocardiology and later also the secretary. In addition to lecturing the Faculty of Medicine, Comenius University in Bratislava and the Slovak Medical University, she has been organizing The IRIS summer schools around the globe. IRIS summer schools are focused on development of knowledge and skills, which are necessary for the preparation of scientific projects and scientific publications.

Gulmira Kudaiberdieva, MD, DSc, FESC

Gulmira Kudaiberdieva, MD, DSc, FESC

The guarantor of a programme

She is the Editor-in-Chief of the Heart, Vessels and Transplantation journal, Senior research Associate at SRI of Heart Surgery and Organ Transplantation and Director of the Center for Scientific Research and Development of Education. She is the member of Committee on Scientific Documents of the European Heart Rhythm Association of European Society of Cardiology and Faculty of IRIS. She is currently involved in research, teaching and supervision of PhD and DSc dissertations and serves as Faculty of IRIS schools.

Eric Eisenstein, DBA

Eric Eisenstein, DBA

The guarantor of a programme

He is an Associate Professor Emeritus in Medicine at Duke University and a Volunteer for Duke Homecare & Hospice. Through key leadership positions, he has pursued research interests in the use of large clinical and economic databases to assess patient outcomes. Eric has served as principal investigator (PI) for economic and quality of life studies conducted alongside clinical trials and as PI or Co-PI for pragmatic clinical trials in cardiovascular and public health medicine. Eric has a long-standing interest in the use of information technologies to simplify clinical trial operations and currently is involved with several eSource initiatives that seek to develop and deploy information systems that will copy patient information from electronic health records into clinical trial databases.

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Marianna Vachalcova, MD, PhD.

Marianna Vachalcova, MD, PhD.

East Slovak Institute of Cardiovascular Diseases

„I really appreciate the opportunity to spend time with amazing specialists in various fields of science. I gained new knowledge, that I am making use of in my career.“

Jonas Jucevicius, MD

Jonas Jucevicius, MD

Doctor of Internal medicine, Kaunas Clinical Hospital, Lithuania

„I have attended this course (IRIS) at June 2019. The course was very intense mentally (I still think of it as “brain concentration camp”). However, it was one of the best experiences you could have to improve critical and fast thinking which is needed during any research and manuscript writing. Also it helped improve teamwork skills. I loved that you could always get constructive feedback and that everything was mixed with a grain of good humor. And though there were not lots of free time, it (free time) was of highest quality. I would recommend this course to anyone who is not afraid of challenge, wants to increase his/her interdisciplinary communication and scientific skills, meet interesting people, ask practical advices directly from experienced journal editors, or just have good time.“

Augustinas Tumenas, MD

Augustinas Tumenas, MD

National Cancer Institute, Vilnius, Lithuania

„I consider myself very lucky to be able to participate in the IRIS 2019 event. The format of the school was quite unexpected, but it turned out to be very useful – there were no preparative reading, no premade scenarios, just pure and bright ideas and very deep discussions. I was amazed by shear patience, competence and friendliness of the staff members. They were very helpful in generating and shaping sometimes clumsy and complex ideas. Last but not least, it was such a pleasure to with young, bright and cheerful group of international participants! I highly recommend to continue this initiative because this project helps to raise new generation of very good researchers and I was very happy to be a part of it!“

Ivana Matejova,

Ivana Matejova,

Department of Paediatric, Otorhinolaringology

„In June 2019, I actively participated in IRIS Slovakia 2019 . This time was enriching, in international team work we actively participated in the prepared workshops focused on “how to do research and create a study.” The content of the workshops was: W1- W2 - Methods I (Study Populations and Outcomes), W3 - Methods II (Data Collection and Analysis), W4 - Research Administration. The last day we finished the presentation of the projects that we created in the team according to the instructions. Throughout the years, valuable advice and insights have given us expertise such as Jonathan Lipton (Hopbart Heart Center), Erik Eisenstein (Duke University, Durham, NC), Lia E. Bang (Righospitalet, Copenhagen), Ljuba Bacharova (Journal of Electrocardiology). We had the opportunity to consult our research with them, to discuss and move forward on the way to achieving the goals. I highly recommend this summer school to anyone who wants to grow professionally in their medical field.“

Vaclav Bacovsky

Vaclav Bacovsky

Institute of Biophysics ASCR, Czech Republic

„I would appreciate to inform also the participants before arrival, what the course is specifically about. This is simply because IRIS, as I saw, was focused more on clinical practice and clinical tests. The primary/hard science is quite different from the applicative science and the project proposals has different form. Therefore, it would be more beneficial to have people with similar education and job. Otherwise the IRIS was great and for the people from clinical trial was more than beneficial. For me, the greatest outcome was the experience of such intensive school and to see, how scientist and doctors think in the clinical trials. This, I believe could be helpful in the future.”

Gamal Zain

Gamal Zain

The Polymer Institute SAS, Egypt

„For me it is good chance to learn the basic steps for writing and management a project proposal. Yes. I will recommend young scientist to attend it as it is really good chance for learning. I think no other chance I have been attended for practical learning and creating of such cooperation like IRIS”