The IRIS Education

Biomedical research covers a broad spectrum of disciplines related to medicine, it includes biochemistry, biophysics, biostatistics, physiology, bioengineering, computer science, etc. The interdisciplinary approach is an integral and vital aspect of the progress in medicine and cannot be separated. The IRIS project initiates physicians and healthcare professionals into scientific research in several ways.


Ljuba Bacharova MD, DSc, MBA

The guarantor of the programme

She is internationally recognized scientific professional, the executive editor of the Journal of Electrocardiology and an editorial board member of several international scientific journals. She was the president of the International Society for Electrocardiology and later also the secretary. In addition to lecturing the Faculty of Medicine, Comenius University in Bratislava and the Slovak Medical University, she has been organizing The IRIS summer schools around the globe. IRIS summer schools are focused on development of knowledge and skills, which are necessary for the preparation of scientific projects and scientific publications.

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What does the project offer?

IRIS – Summer School

The IRIS Summer School is a successful project based on combining the postgraduate clinical and interdisciplinary research courses at Duke University into an intensive summer week of pure science. The summer school is held annually around the world and in Slovakia with international participants and faculty.

Biomedical Research Course

Scientific research is an integral part of the medical profession. Today is an age of evidence based medicine, the incapacity of interpretation of scientific studies is incompatible with quality performance of the medical profession.

Biomedical Statistics Course

Correct interpretation of research study data and modeling a research project are an integral part of the successful implementation of every scientific project.

Course on Academic Writing

The course is design to support academic writing skills, with the focus on writing process leading to clear and effective written communication, necessary for writing a manuscript of a research paper. It provides basics on several components of academic writing, including structuring and organizing an academic text, using sources in academic writing, academic English, and communication with the editorial office. The course is intended for all who are interested in acquiring good academic research and writing skills essential for professional life of researchers.

IRIS Alumni club

The IRIS Alumni Club is a community of IRIS alumni, offering a chance for networking, exchanging ideas, and helping its members to develop further professionally and personally.

Academic English

The Academic English courses were developed in cooperation with the British Council language school in Bratislava. Under the guidance of a native speaker, course participants will improve in Academic English – an important factor in improving the professional research qualifications. The Academic English courses were directly "tailored" as an initiative within IRIS education.